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NC State Highway Patrol arrests nearly 600 drivers for drunk driving during the July 4th Weekend Law enforcement officers were able to arrest 600 drivers during the 4th of July weekend. These numbers make it all the more important to seek help from a Raleigh DWI lawyer.
Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor addresses erosion of 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure in recent dissents Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s strong dissent on the Utah v. Strieff case makes it all the more important for a criminal lawyer to defend your constitutional rights.
Think Before you Post: Potential Child Custody Consequences of Social Media Raleigh child custody lawyer discusses the danger of social media posts on sites like Facebook when it comes to litigating child custody in court.
Supreme Court Erodes Protections Against Bad Police Stops Raleigh criminal lawyer explores the Supreme Court's new perspective on the exclusionary rule.
Criminal Defense Attorney says Feds Finally Consider Rescheduling Marijuana Numerous drugs, particularly Schedule I drugs like heroin and LSD, may increase the likelihood that a person will perform dangerous acts, or perhaps even commit a crime. Marijuana is also classified as a Controlled Substance under Schedule I, in the same category as dangerous drugs like heroin and LSD.
Raleigh DWI Lawyer says Research Shows that Cannabis Consumption Not Enough to Prove Impairment With many states becoming more lenient and legalizing medical use and even recreational use of cannabis, state lawmakers have been proposing changes to decriminalize its use. One major concern that both proponents and opponents share is the effect of cannabis on driver performance and traffic safety.
Raleigh Divorce Attorney Talks about Johnny Depp facing Domestic Violence Allegations There’s no doubt that divorces can get messy, but it can get even messier when allegations of domestic violence surface. This is exactly what's happening in the well-publicized divorce of Hollywood star Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard, with the latter claiming "years of physical and psychological abuse" while living with her estranged husband.
Child Pornography Attorney Says Suspect Jailed Till He Provides Password Passwords and encryption methods may be enough to keep other people out of your computers and mobile devices and far away from your personal files, but once you’ve been accused of a serious crime like possession of child pornography, these safeguards are increasingly causing issues with the government's desire to access potentially relevant evidence.
Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Questions the Legitimacy of Warrantless Search Under the 4th amendment protections of the US Constitution, police cannot enter a home without a warrant except in exigent circumstances. Very recently, North Carolina police allegedly stormed a Durham home on suspicion of marijuana, entering the premises without a search warrant and terrorizing the people inside. Some of the incident was caught on video.
DWI Lawyer Says: "Peeling Out" Isn’t Necessarily Reasonable Suspicion When a police officer suspects that a driver is intoxicated, he may only stop the suspect under very specific circumstances within the confines of the US Constitution. If an arresting officer conducts an unlawful stop, an unlawful arrest, or an unlawful search or seizure, any evidence against the suspect collected during the arrest may be suppressed at trial. This can and often does lead to the charges getting dropped.