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Cooper Case Appeal Brief for the Defense

Howard Kurtz - 11/6/2012

Defense Brief in State v. Cooper

This post links directly to the defense brief in the Cooper Case appeal

To access the appellate brief in State v. Cooper, click here.

Please keep in mind, there is a strict page limit on appellate briefs so only the most egregious and outcome altering rulings were addressed in the brief.  Credit for the brief goes to Ann Petersen of Chapel Hill who slogged through approximately 9,000 pages of transcripts and exhibits to distill these errors into their purest, clearest form. 

The brief focuses on the judge's rulings to prohibit the testimony of the two primary defense experts as well as his allowing prosecutors to conceal the results of FBI testing as well as their testing methods.  The arguments are exceptionally persuasive.  I would advise anyone with a sincere interest in the Cooper case to read the actual brief.

It is my sincere hope that the Court of Appeals will be a fraction as convinced as I am that Mr. Cooper is deserving of a new trial.  None of us deserve anything less than a fair trial.

Howard Kurtz

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