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Cooper Criminal Appeal Update 10/18/12 from his Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers

Howard Kurtz - 10/18/2012

Brad Cooper's Criminal Defense Lawyer Assigned to His Appeal Has Been Granted Additional Time in Which To File the Defense Brief

Brad Cooper still awaits the appellate process though the delay thus far is not the result of any particular fault in the appellate system.  This is neither the fault of judge, prosecutor or criminal defense lawyer.  Due to the voluminous trial transcripts, exhibits, motions and orders; compounded by the cornucopia of substantive appellate issues worthy of inclusion in the defense brief, the greatest single task may be keeping that brief to the maximum page limit of 35 pages.  Perhaps a rule should be considered that would limit the length of the defendant's appellate brief to some fraction of the size of the printed transcript in the record on appeal.  It seems a bit odd that cases consuming a single week of court time that can be reduced to several hundred pages get the same page limit for the defense brief as a case that consumed 10 weeks of court time and yielded a transcript well in excess of 8,000 pages.  But, as anyone who followed the Cooper case likely knows already, I don't get to write the rules.

At Brad's appellate attorney Ms. Ann Peterson's request, the deadline for submission of the defense brief has been moved back to November 5, 2012.  I will keep you posted as to any subsequent changes in status.

NC Court of Appeals and the Cooper Case

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