What Our Clients Have to Say About How We Handled Their Traffic Case

"I wanted to thank you for all your hard work today... I felt like the outcome was terrific and know you worked very hard for the positive result."

- Robert W. 


"To the office of Kurtz & Blum, PLLC: I would like to take this time to thank Kurtz & Blum, PLLC for helping me get through what was a very difficult time in my life and in my family.  I received many letters from several law offices after my incident occurred and was very confused as to which attorney I should choose. After reading the letter from Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, I decided to choose your firm.  Seth Blum was my attorney and did an excellent job in defending me.  He spoke up for me in the front of the District Attorney and the Judge on my behalf, and I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Blum for his compassion.  He has given me a chance to get my life back. I hope nobody I know ever needs to go through what I did, but if I ever know anyone that needs legal representation in your field, I will recommend your firm.  Thank you again for everything."

- Linda M.


"I wanted to thank you for accepting my daughter's case. Your efforts have been gracious, accurate, helpful and all under the umbrella of incredibly prompt interaction and responsiveness. I am aware that not all situations turn out as well as this one did for my daughter--her case is eligible for dismissal. While case dispositions are quite unpredictable, I am confident that your behavior and professionalism are comfortably predictable."

- Ana P.


"They've represented me a number of times and have kept me safe from the law"

- A Google User


"Thank you to Ron and everyone at Kurtz and Blum for doing a great job on a "case" brought forth against me in Orange County. I'll use Kurtz and Blum again in the future."

- Andrew C.


"The first impression I received from Kurtz and Blum was that of their excellent customer service. They were very courteous and kept me very informed throughout the entire process. They explained things to me in a way that I could understand and made sure that I knew what they were telling me. Overall, my experience with Kurtz and Blum has been wonderful, and I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking good legal council. Thanks so much to everyone in their office for making my court experience as painless and stress free as possible."

- Derek M.


"Kurtz and Blum has already taken care of one speeding ticket for me in Wake County and had it dropped as low as the county will allow. And, as of today, they are working on number two."

- A Google User


"He helped me with a court appearance that I had to miss because I had moved out of state. I felt confident that it would be handled properly left in his hands, and it was. Great job."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

- Will R., Linkedin User


"I recommended Seth to a relative of mine conceding a legal issue; and she had nothing but the highest praise in regards to his legal knowledge, his professionalism, and his caring nature. I would not hesitate to recommend Kurtz and Blum to anyone in need of legal services and they are the first firm that I would go to in regard to any legal matter."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

- Chuck K., Linkedin User


"Seth is always available and gives great advice. I highly recommend him and actually do to anyone who needs a lawyer."

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

- Kathleen R., Linkedin User


“Our family needed Howard's services in July, 2007. Howard and his firm came highly recommended to us by others in North Carolina. The entire process was handled with the utmost professionalism, communications were frequent and our questions were answered in a timely manner. The outcome for us was extremely favorable and we are grateful to Howard and his firm for this; our son got "his second chance" at life and continues to do well as a result.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

- Mike P., Linkedin User


"The guy you want on your side in the courtroom - Seth Blum is an excellent attorney and one of the most patient and caring people I have ever met. His expertise of the law and the devotion that he shows to his clients is well known. I have referred him to several people and they all report the same positive experience that I had using his services on sensitive legal matters."

Submitted a five star “Excellent” rating, including excellence in the categories of trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and kept informed. Recommended Seth Blum and has previously worked with 3-5 attorneys.

-  An Avvo User


"Awesome lawyer, awesome firm - Seth Blum and his firm have handled two separate issues for me and were very professional and diligent in both cases. He is extremely knowledgeable, but not pretentious or biased. I was very happy with the outcome and would and will use his services again. I also give his firm's name and information out whenever I hear anyone needing services."

Submitted a five star “Excellent” rating, including excellence in the categories of trustworthy and knowledgeable.  Rated “Good” in the categories of responsive and kept me informed.  Recommends Seth Blum and has previously worked with 1-2 lawyers. 

- Bonnie B., Avvo User


"Kurtz & Blum were very helpful in getting a ridiculous misdemeanor charge expunged in my son's late teens. I will always be grateful to them for that."

- Violette B., Yelp User


"5 star firm. They saved my life. I was very impressed on how they handled my traffic tickets in various counties without having me find different law firms to do it. Saved me a bundle and I managed to get my license back and to get my dream job that needed me to have a license. Thank you."

- Omus O., Yelp User


"The men and women at Kurtz & Blum are top notch, for what they do, they should be charging more but they are understanding that in these tough tines even those found on the other side of the law. They even have a payment plan and won’t let money or the lack there-of decide your case."

- Omus O., Yahoo! User


"Kurtz & Blum represented my wife and I in several traffic violations that ranged from minor to serious. I was amazed with the professionalism of all the staff and attorneys that we dealt with. They kept us informed of the process the entire way. At the end of the day they took care of everything and was able to get my wife license restored. Plus the cost was very reasonable. I will definitely use these guys in the future."

- L. Kornegay, A Google User


"I highly recommend Lynn Prather for legal assistance with divorce. I have worked with Lynn since 2008, and find her to be committed and compassionate!"

- Jeness C., Yahoo! User


"Kurtz and Blum: Experienced, Friendly and Respectful.

"Recently, I was in need of a lawyer.  Kurtz and Blum came very highly recommended and they did not disappoint. The staff of Kurtz and Blum were very friendly while remaining professional and clear in what was needed and expected of me. The staff at Kurtz and Blum kept me updated throughout every step of my court proceedings and was always available and prompt to answer any questions that I had. My case was dismissed and the charges were dropped thanks to the wonderful work of Mr. Blum.  I hope to not need a lawyer for court in the future but if I do I will definitely return to Kurtz and Blum.

"Thank you for your wonderful work!"

- Olivia G.


"Kurtz & Blum did a great job representing me and kept me informed during the whole process! They helped me get a fair ruling in my case and provided excellent handling of my case at a great rate. I hope I don't ever have to call them again but if I do need a lawyer they will be the first people I call."

- B. Thompson, A Google User


"Toss the other envelopes! I got a speeding ticket and a week later what seemed like a truck load of envelopes! I had no idea who to call and just picked one at random. When I called around 5:30pm no one answered and I couldn't leave a message, I called back once more and still nothing. I opened the Kurtz & Blum envelope and gave them a ring. I was attended to on the first ring and with in 5 minutes I had all the info I needed including pricing and contracts. It has been nothing but the smoothest of experiences and more than worth every penny!! I'll never use another firm!"

- John M.


"Fast, effective help for my speeding tickets. I believe their fees were a tad higher than some of the fees I received from mail-solicitation from other attorneys."

- Greg H., A Google User


"Used K&B and they took care of my speeding ticket, the only thing I had to do was an online driving school course. I could even break up my fee into payments. They kept me well informed. I would use again if I ever have another ticket."

- Courtney P.


"I have had person experience with this firm and can say hands down they are the ones to use! Don't even bother searching around; they are the best in Raleigh! Friendly and efficient with thorough communication. You will not be disappointed!"

- Kassie S., A Google User


"Kurtz and Blum kept me informed about what was going on with my case and gave me all the information that I asked for.  Also, when in court, my lawyer quickly got me a good deal :) I was very pleased."

- Alannah M., A Google User


"These guys helped me out of a jam a few years back. They were a little pricey but worth the money. Friendly and helpful."

- Patrick S., A Google User


"This is written as a HUGE thanks to those at Kurtz & Blum for their continuing uncompromising representation of clients in our community and the Triangle in general, regardless of case stature.  

"Having lived in Wake County for the past 12 years - I've made friends and acquaintances from many different walks of life.  On many occasions when discussing day to day events,  at times topics as benign as getting a traffic ticket to more in depth need for representation would come up -- and repeatedly, the firm of Kurtz & Blum would be recommended for their honesty, integrity, fairness, and ability to work with their clients with respect and openness. 

"As for myself, I've not had the need for legal representation, but after years of hearing great things about their firm, I was able to witness them in action as they represented a defendant in a high profile murder case which was televised by WRAL in daily video feeds.  To watch Mr. Kurtz and his team in action was remarkable!  He led a thoroughly convincing defense, touching on each and every item in question during the trial, methodically and clearly vindicating the defendant against these erroneous charges. 

"His team accomplished this through many measures, be it their own investigations or showing the flaws and inconsistencies in the States case with actual "proof", documentation, and witness accounts.   His dogged attempts stating "case law" and precedents' to a very openly biased judge who would wrongly and repeatedly overrule the defense attempts to introduce key witness's and exhibits, was truly inspiring.  Mr. Kurtz's determination to be sure his client was given the very best chance at acquittal, and that the jury was given the opportunity to hear ALL the facts and truths of the "actual" evidence in the case, and not just the at most times twisted versions that the state offered, left a permanent impact and impression on me.

"Though I was thoroughly disgusted by the Wake County DA's office, and the justice system in this case,  I came away from watching the trial encouraged that there are defense lawyers here locally that truly believe in their client's innocence, and will fight for their clients with every resource available to them, and then some more! 

"Going forward, I have highly recommended their firm to all who have had a need for representation -- great or small.  As an aside -- I find that I do something I've never done before nor felt a need to, but after watching how in this county your "Guilty" until proven "Innocent",   I now carry their firm's card in my wallet every day.  You can bet if a need ever arises -- before talking to anyone -- they will be my first call!"

- Robert L.


"I have been a client of Kurtz & Blum for well over 10 years now for a number of different legal matters on issues where the fog surrounding me ranges from emotional distress, legal confusion or fear of what could happen next... And, no matter what has brought me to seek their advice—or to use their counsel in court—they have always made me feel completely comfortable in doing so. As stupid as I may feel, or as stupid as I fear a question may be, I have never felt judgement from any of the firm's lawyers I have sat down to discuss a matter with... That is HUGE when you are already either judging or doubting yourself and ultimately you know you will be judged on the issue. They have always excelled in being respectful, informative and reassuring. I also need to add that even on a couple occasions when I've known they do not offer legal services I had questions about, I have called them first to ask them who I should call. They are always happy to refer you to who they trust is best to help."

- Heidi D., A Google User


Testimonials from Peers of Kurtz & Blum

"You won't do better than Seth Blum if you are looking for a great lawyer. He is confident, thorough, inventive and very smart. Don't let the clothes fool you -- Seth knows the game of criminal defense and he plays it exceedingly well, much to the chagrin of the local DA's office."

- Meredith Nicholson, Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Durham, NC


"Seth is a good trial attorney. He is a zealous advocate and does a great job for his clients."

- Bonnor Hudson, Litigation Lawyer in Clayton, NC


"Seth exemplifies the very best attributes of a criminal defense attorney: Honesty, Passion, and Dedication. His experience and tenacity allows him to obtain excellent results for his clients. Seth is also always willing to help a fellow attorney. I would recommend him without any hesitation."

- David Coolidge, Criminal Defense Attorney in Raleigh, NC


"I had the opportunity to sit in on the Brad Cooper trial to pick up more skills in criminal defense. As attorney for Mr. Cooper, Howard Kurtz was a master in the courtroom. Both his opening and closing arguments were compelling, clear, and charismatic."

- Anthony Cuticchia, Criminal Defense Attorney in Raleigh, NC


"I had the distinct privilege of working for Mr. Blum from May 2010 - September 2011. He is an exceptionally intelligent individual who cares immensely for the well-being of all those around him, especially that of his clients. Mr. Blum was, and continues to be, a professional mentor to me, which is particularly meaningful as Kurtz & Blum was the first law firm to give me an opportunity during law school. I have the utmost respect for Mr. Blum's contribution to the legal community, and would recommend him to anyone facing criminal charges or interested in appealing a prior conviction."

- Banks F. Woodruff, Campbell University, Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law


"Thankfully, I've never had to put Seth's expertise to work, but if I ever needed council he would be my first choice hands down. I have had discussions with Seth on a range of legal issues and I know his advice to be completely sound. His intellect is amazing and his professionalism is absolute."

- Todd Buker, Managing Director / Company Composer at Bare Theatre

"Seth is an excellent attorney with a powerful presence in the courtroom. I would recommend his representation to anyone looking for a criminal attorney."

- Devon Glick, Attorney


"Seth is one of the most talented advocates I've met. He always has his client's best interest as his top priority. He is skilled at both trial and negotiation."

- Tim Wipperman, Director at NC Division of Veterans Affairs


"Seth Blum was kind enough to give me my first legal job as a summer clerk between my 1L and 2L years in 1998. Seth threw me right into the fire, for which I remain grateful to this day - it is the only way to learn how to practice law. In addition to answering phones and making copies, I was allowed to write an entire Court of Appeals brief in a felony assault case, to interview an alleged murderer in Central Prison, and to attend hearings in superior court and the DMV - now that is what practicing law is all about, and I experienced all these things under the expert tutelage of Seth Blum. Not only was Seth a great legal mentor, he was (and is) a witty, engaging, super-smart person who's a pleasure to be around. I recommend him wholeheartedly."

- George Simpson, Partner at Cranfill, Sumner, & Hartzog


"I had the pleasure of working with Seth for nearly ten years while employed as a Sentencing Specialist with ReEntry, Inc. As an attorney, he was knowledgeable about the law and the individual circumstances of each client. He was not afraid to fight for their rights, but also advised them of the realities of their particular situations. He was not merely concerned with a successful legal outcome; but also the success of his clients after the disposition. Personally, he is a great communicator and responsive to the requests of those with whom he works. I hope to work with him again in the very near future!"

- Josie Van Dyke, Mitigation/Alternative Sentencing Specialist at Sentencing Solutions


"Seth and his partner, Howard, are the smartest lawyers - the smartest people - we know. They run an excellent firm. I keep their contact information in my wallet at all times."

- Nancy Rich, Owner of Monkeybravo


"Over the years in a variety of situations, Seth Blum has proven himself to be a focused, superbly competent, energetic and dedicated advocate for his clients as a criminal defense attorney. His criminal defense work at both the trial and appellate levels has always been outstanding. I have also observed Mr. Blum to be a highly effective teacher of law and of trial advocacy. He has handled the most serious charges and the most complex factual situations with through organization and analytical skills.

"In short, I consider Seth Blum to be a 'lawyer's lawyer.'"

- John T. "Jack" Hall, Attorney/Owner at Criminal Appeals


"Seth is an amazing criminal defense attorney. Articulate, passionate, and dedicated to his clients. He knows the law and strives every day to reach the best possible outcome for his clients.

"Seth also takes time to help other attorneys who do not have his experience.

"I would recommend Seth without hesitation."

- David Coolidge, Partner at Coolidge Law Firm


"Seth is one of the finest criminal defense lawyers with whom I've had the pleasure to work in North Carolina. He is creative, well-organized, zealous in pursuit of his clients' interests, hard-working, and knowledgeable in the law. I refer friends to him regularly, and if I needed an attorney in North Carolina, he'd be among the lawyers I'd call."

- Marshall Dayan, Assistant Professor at NCCU School of Law


“It’s hard to write a recommendation for Howard Kurtz without using what sounds like hyperbole but isn't. Howard isn't just bright, he's a laser. Howard doesn't just follow difficult conversations, he's usually miles ahead of you and you don't even know it. Howard isn't just passionate about advocating for and protecting his clients, he's positively ferocious. Howard is the first guy you'd ever want on your team in court and absolutely the last guy you ever want to see on the other side. Howard doesn't just know the law, he's a walking encyclopedia with instant recall of a million different points of arcane and obscure knowledge of statutes, case law, and the like. Yet Howard is always very calm, very understated. He is not arrogant. Don't let Howard's zen-like, understated manner fool you -- behind the calm exterior is a mind that sees everything and forgets nothing. He doesn't engage in grandstanding or histrionics, for exactly the same reason that you don't bother to paint flames on the casing of a nuclear bomb.

"Plus, Howard listens, and I mean really listens. During the time that I worked with Howard on a relatively complicated technical problem, Howard listened carefully to everything that I had to say. He never interrupted me, ever. Howard had the patience and desire to hear all of the available facts before jumping to judgment, and as a result, fully understood the ramifications of each of the many little decisions and compromises that inevitably must be made in projects of any significant complexity. It's hard to overstate how unusual and how impressive is Howard's ability to keep a large, unwieldy problem, with all of its potential contingencies and alternatives, all in his head. I tried not to be intimidated by the fact that as far as I could tell, Howard never took notes yet seemed to have instant recall of every conversation we'd ever had. On the rare occasion that he didn't know an answer, he never hesitated to say "I don't know. Let me get back to you." And he did get back to me, every time. Over and over again I was struck by Howard's trustworthiness -- if he says he's going to do it, he'll do it.

"The bottom line is that Howard Kurtz is the real deal. He is a lawyer who is what he says he is and does what he says he will do. This is a standard to which all of us, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, should aspire.”

- Jay Klinck, Patent Attorney at Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt


“Guilty or innocent all people have right to a fair trial and counsel” These were some of the first words spoken to me by Attorney Howard Kurtz over 14 years ago. In all the years I have known him he has only grown more sincere about providing a strong legal defense for all his clients. One of Kurtz’s strong points is his willingness to seek out any and all information to assist his clients rather than relying on the standard. Smart, innovative and honest are the three words that describe Howard Kurtz. I highly recommend him and his law firm for anyone legal needs.”

- Hunter Glass, Detective, Criminal Intelligence at Fayetteville Police Department


“I had the privilege of working with Howard in a recent high profile murder case. Over the past 15+ years I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the very best lawyers in NC, and I can say without hesitation that Howard is one of the best. His passion, knowledge, tenacity and talent are something to behold. If I found myself in serious trouble, seeing Howard Kurtz's face would be a welcome sight indeed.”

- Mark Valentine, Trial Consultant at The Visual Advantage


“Over the past year it has been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Howard on a rather high profile murder case in North Carolina. Having grown up in a home with a criminal defense attorney as a step-father, it was continually impressed upon me that should I ever be in a position to help someone with my skills, that I should revel in that chance.

"Having helped to consult on various aspects of technology as it relates to the criminal law profession over the years, it was a breath of fresh air to have been contacted by an attorney that not only had more than a passing grasp of the underpinnings of technology, but that could actually speak to a "tech geek" such as myself and understand my responses.

"During my work with Howard, he showed tremendous aptitude and patience with me in trying to understand some of the more esoteric and deeply technical issues as they related to the case. As I was doing the work pro bono, Howard was never pushy with time lines, but would merely ask how my progress was going and if he could answer any questions for me as it related to the case time line.

"Howard never once attempted to coach me on how I needed to approach the case or what he "needed me to find" but was unimpeachable in his desire to get at the truth - whatever it was. His approach was "here is the information, please tell me what you find." This is more than I can say about a great many attorneys that I know and have worked with in the past.

"Howard is a tireless client advocate. He has proven willing to work himself into the ground for exceedingly long periods of time. Further, Howard is willing to uncover every possible stone in search of the truth and being able to provide the best, competent counsel for each of his clients.

"It is my utmost pleasure to be able to recommend Howard, in general, without ANY reservation as to the competency of his work and the content of his character. I would ESPECIALLY never hesitate to contact him should I or any of my friends, colleagues or acquaintances find themselves in need of an attorney for a case of a highly complex and technical nature.

"More than a colleague, I consider my time having worked with Howard to have formed the basis of an ongoing friendship. Anyone considering hiring Howard that has additional questions should not hesitate to contact me.”

- Jay Ward, President at WireGhost Security, Inc

Testimonials have been edited for potential spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Our traffic attorneys help people throughout Wake County, North Carolina.  We frequently handle offenses arising out of the following cities: Wendell, Holly Springs, Zebulon, Fuquay-Varina, Rolesville, Apex, Raleigh, Cary, Knightdale, Garner, New Hope, Morrisville and Wake Forest.