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Raleigh DWI attorney comments on power outage to hundreds of fellow citizens. A breathalyzer is often used by police officers to confirm if an individual is driving while intoxicated (DWI). The results almost always used as evidence at a DWI trial. However, many DWI attorneys question the reliability of such tests.
Raleigh Family Attorney notes that Divorce or Separation Doesn't Have to be Uncivil If you’re planning to get divorced, you’re probably worried about how your decision will affect your children. Though you may not love your spouse anymore, you probably do not want your kids to think bad of them. Still, organizing schedules, dividing up holidays and shuffling kids between alternating parental visits isn’t going to be easy.
Raleigh Defense Attorney Questions the Use of Deadly Force by Police Jordan Edwards, 15 years old, was killed by a police officer on Saturday, April 29 in Balch Springs, Texas. Police departments have policies in place that regulate and restrict when a police officer can use deadly force.
Raleigh drug attorney questions the outrageous bond given to a low level drug offender. If you are facing a drug charge in the state of North Carolina, you are facing a real challenge from the criminal justice system with police officers, prosecutors and government officials often eager to put you behind bars to boost their own public image.
Can Your Survive a Divorce After 50? Raleigh Family Attorney Thinks You Can! As a Raleigh Divorce Attorney I can tell you that most people often associate the dissolution of a marriage with younger couples, those in their 20s, 30s or 40s. Surprisingly, the National Center for Family & Marriage Research recently reported the divorce rate for individuals over the age of 50 doubled in the period between 1990 and 2014.
Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Discusses Fake Subpoenas If a witness refuses to talk to a district attorney, the law gives prosecutors a way to compel these witnesses to show up through the issuance of a subpoena. However, before the judge can issue a subpoena, the prosecutors must first present a convincing argument that the witness’s testimony is essential to the administration of justice.
Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Notes How to Avoid Going Broke During and After Divorce While the overall rate of divorce has been declining for several years, approximately one-third of the couples married today will, at some point, seek a divorce. Unfortunately, the costs associated with ending a marriage financially cripple a large number of those going through a divorce.
Raleigh Criminal Attorney Wonders How a Justin Beiber Impersonator Could Be Charged with 900+ Counts of Sexual Exploitation of Minors Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber has amassed a following of epic proportions. Over the years, plenty of outsiders have attempted to cash in on his continually growing fame; however, a man recently took this idea to a dangerous new level.
Raleigh DWI Lawyer Says Wake County Tops List of Most New Year’s Eve DWI Arrests Two of the NC triangle counties may have had too much fun over the holidays, according to recent data. New North Carolina Department of Transportation data shows it to be among the top five counties with the most DWI arrests during the yuletide season.
Raleigh Sex Offense Attorney Questions How Courts Might Review Sex Offender Registry Laws Sex offender laws have once again come under fire in North Carolina. Earlier this year, a couple of convicted offenders along with a local advocacy group called out lawmakers for the sake of modifying current statutes regarding such crimes.