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Raleigh Attorney Shares Insights into the Supreme Court's Newest Session The October 2017 session of the United States Supreme Court began on Monday, October 2 with Neil Gorsuch taking the seat of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. This term is set to be one of the most impactful for years to come. The Supreme Court will be addressing gerrymandering, the First Amendment, immigration law, and probable cause. Here are a few of the cases to keep watch:
Family Law Attorney Explains Wiretapping and Interception of Electronic Information During a Divorce or Separation If you are dealing with a family law issue, the question arises... are you legally able to access someone’s phone or computer or record their telephone conversations in order to obtain damaging information?
Raleigh DWI attorney compares Stationary and DWI Roadside Checkpoints You are driving down the road and all of a sudden, there is a backup of cars. As you move further down the street, you see the flashing blue lights. It’s a police checkpoint. You may even see a sign that says “DWI Checkpoint Ahead.” What to do...
Raleigh DWI Lawyer Discusses Your Rights Regarding Breathalyzer Tests in NC Recently, a Randolph County sheriff’s deputy was arrested on suspicion of DWI (driving while impaired) after his car was found stopped on the side of the road early in the morning. Why is this so interesting?
Raleigh Child Custody Lawyer Answers the Question, "When Can Child Custody be Modified?" The saying “nothing lasts forever” can be true for many things, including child custody. Once a permanent custody order is put into place, that does not mean it is there forever and it is important to remember that it can be modified
Good News for Those Seeking Expungement in North Carolina, says Raleigh Criminal Attorney Have you been accused or convicted of a crime and wondered to yourself, "How can I get this off my record forever?" Well, some good news from the NC legislature.
Raleigh Family Lawyer Discusses Divorce and Retirement Accounts A divorce is an especially trying and emotional time for anyone. Unfortunately, for those with significant or substantial financial assets, the process is even more confusing and potentially stressful.
Raleigh DWI Attorney Questions New Fees for DMV Hearings Breaking News! It looks like the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will start charging for the DMV hearings necessary for you to get your drivers license back after a DWI-related charge.
Raleigh Criminal Drug Attorney Shares Insights into Opioid-related Murder Charges There is no doubt that the opioid epidemic is on the rise in North Carolina. Opioid and heroin-related cases of overdose have nearly doubled in the past year. But charging dealers with murder?
Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Wonders Why are Mistakes Made By Police, Courts and Prosecutors Remain Secret to the Public As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know that the justice system is not flawless. Actually far from it.