A Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Clean Up a Messy Traffic Accident

This year the abnormally high winter precipitation and rain have  caused the ground to turn into slippery mud pits. It can lead to hazardous driving conditions and even cause severe injuries. WRAL reports on one such instance that recently happened at a public school in Pikeville:

“A 6-year-old student was injured Wednesday in a muddy school parking lot at Northwest Elementary School in Pikeville, prompting some parents to call for the lot to be paved.

Annabella Willard wound up pinned between a car and her family’s SUV.

David Lewis, a spokesman for Wayne County Public Schools, said the muddy lot was never designed for parking. It once was a grassy spot in front of the school, but it became a de facto parking area as the school expanded and needed more space for parents and visitors.

Parents said that, anytime it rains, the lot becomes a mud pit.”

The driver crashed into four other vehicles after accelerating backwards to get her pickup out of the mud, but may not necessarily be held 100% responsible. Although she was charged with reckless driving, some believe that the school could be partly at fault for not providing a safer parking area. This is a case where all the factors should be carefully examined by a Raleigh car accident lawyer.

This is truly a tragedy, but might have been prevented if certain precautions had been taken. Often factors like road hazards or traffic sign defects can contribute to automotive accidents. It is possible that partial responsibility could fall on a governing body, such as the county or state or a property owner where an accident occurred.

A personal injury attorney can help clarify who might be a responsible party, as well as offer guidance on the matter of insurance claims. Too often insurance companies are slow to provide victims with the proper assistance to ensure their medical needs are adequately covered.

Instead of processing claims smoothly, some insurers intentionally make the process laborious and confusing. Too often they attempt to pressure victims into signing release of liability statements or make modest settlement offers. Good lawyers understand how to deal with insurance companies to protect their client’s best interests.

This story is a good example of why personal injury cases are not always s cut and dry as they might first appear. Anyone who has been involved in an automotive injury should contact a trusted Raleigh personal injury attorney to review the case in detail. The attorneys at Kurtz & Blum, PLLC are experienced in accidents of all kinds.  To schedule an appointment or discuss a particular case, please call us at 919-832-7700.

(Source: Parents blame muddy Wayne school lot for student’s injuries, WRAL.com, February 20, 2014)