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Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Looks at How the DEA Has Been Stifled in its Attempts to Address the Opioid Epidemic As the opioid epidemic receives more attention, we are left to wonder as to how it got this way and what is the best way to address it.
Raleigh Criminal Attorney Answers the Question “Can A Renter say no to a search by the police?” Someone who rents an apartment might think that because they don’t own the apartment, they have no rights to assert. WRONG! As long as you are a lawful occupant, you are within your rights to deny an officer’s request to search your apartment.
Raleigh DWI Lawyer Skeptical About Credibility of Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) Over the years, law enforcement officials have intensified efforts to crack down on individuals driving while impaired (DWI) by relying on Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). Police officers who become certified DREs evaluate drivers suspected of being impaired by drugs by applying a 12-step process; aside from impairment, their skillset supposedly...
A Reminder from Drug Lawyers: Raleigh Police Can’t Detain You to Wait for a Drug-Sniffing Dog Imagine this scenario: while driving around Raleigh, a police officer pulls you over and asks for your license. He questions you and perhaps issues a traffic ticket – and then makes you wait forever while he calls for a drug-sniffing dog to arrive and inspect your car.
Raleigh Criminal Attorneys Speak on DA’s Decision Not to Press Charges Against NCSU Football Players Five football players from North Carolina State University (NCSU) will not be charged with sexual assault, following an investigation into allegations raised against them earlier this year.
Raleigh Attorney Shares Insights into the Supreme Court's Newest Session The October 2017 session of the United States Supreme Court began on Monday, October 2 with Neil Gorsuch taking the seat of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. This term is set to be one of the most impactful for years to come. The Supreme Court will be addressing gerrymandering, the First Amendment, immigration law, and probable cause. Here are a few of the cases to keep watch:
Good News for Those Seeking Expungement in North Carolina, says Raleigh Criminal Attorney Have you been accused or convicted of a crime and wondered to yourself, "How can I get this off my record forever?" Well, some good news from the NC legislature.
Raleigh Criminal Drug Attorney Shares Insights into Opioid-related Murder Charges There is no doubt that the opioid epidemic is on the rise in North Carolina. Opioid and heroin-related cases of overdose have nearly doubled in the past year. But charging dealers with murder?
Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Wonders Why are Mistakes Made By Police, Courts and Prosecutors Remain Secret to the Public As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know that the justice system is not flawless. Actually far from it.
Can You be Charged with Murder for Selling an Illegal Substance? Raleigh Drug Defense Lawyer Weighs in In July 2017, Amanda Katherine McLeod was indicted in Raleigh on a charge of second-degree murder. Three months earlier, she had sold the powerful and deadly drug, fentanyl, to a woman named Emily Renzo.