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Raleigh Criminal Attorney Wonders How a Justin Beiber Impersonator Could Be Charged with 900+ Counts of Sexual Exploitation of Minors Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber has amassed a following of epic proportions. Over the years, plenty of outsiders have attempted to cash in on his continually growing fame; however, a man recently took this idea to a dangerous new level.
Raleigh Sex Offense Attorney Questions How Courts Might Review Sex Offender Registry Laws Sex offender laws have once again come under fire in North Carolina. Earlier this year, a couple of convicted offenders along with a local advocacy group called out lawmakers for the sake of modifying current statutes regarding such crimes.
Raleigh Defense Attorney Questions if Raising the Age of Kids in Court is on the Horizon for NC? Every year, thousands of North Carolina’s teenagers enter into the adult criminal court system. As a Raleigh criminal lawyer, I can tell you that kids who are 16 and 17 years old are often treated as adults, they go to court with adults, and they receive the same punishments and have the same criminal records as adults.
Teens, Drugs and Smartphones: Replacing One Addiction for Another? A Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney Weighs in While drugs seem to pervade every aspect of society, one group is now engaging in the use of drugs less frequently. Apparently teens are less inclined to try drugs or routinely use them, including alcoholic beverages. Let's explore why...
Is Recording a Traffic Stop in NC Illegal? Definitely Not According to this Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney If you are stopped by an officer, feel free to record the incident for your safety and protection. There are no North Carolina laws prohibiting you from taking a video of the encounter on your smartphone or other device.
Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Puts Historic 2016 Murder Crime Rates in Perspective Chicago and other major cities remain in the news as they continue to struggle with high murder rates. While the city of Chicago has witnessed a 50 percent increase in its murder rate during a one-year period, cities across America are seeing violent and property crime rates remain at historic lows.
Raleigh Drug Attorney Talks About Celebrity Deaths and Drug Use Celebrity drug overdoses continue to make the news, and sadly, they have become almost commonplace. Any overdose is tragic, but people often overlook what is happening close to home until they or someone they know personally is affected by drugs.
Raleigh Sex Offense Lawyer Talks About Alleged Sexual Abuse of 12 Girls by Cult Leader Alleged cult leader charged with the abuse of numerous female children in Pennsylvania. The young girls and parents were brainwashed into believing their leader was some sort of "god".
The “Romeo and Juliet” Problem: Raleigh Defense Lawyer Talks About Teenage Sex Crimes in North Carolina A major issue arises when teenagers engage in sexual behavior that, but for the age of those involved, would ordinarily be deemed consensual. This “Romeo and Juliet” problem has caused a great number of individuals to face sex crime charges in recent years as laws struggle to adapt and keep up with technology.
Raleigh Attorney Helps You Understand Your 2nd Amendment Rights The language of the 2nd amendment is a little different from what we know, and can be slightly misleading if you don’t read carefully: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”