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Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Wonders Why are Mistakes Made By Police, Courts and Prosecutors Remain Secret to the Public As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know that the justice system is not flawless. Actually far from it.
Can You be Charged with Murder for Selling an Illegal Substance? Raleigh Drug Defense Lawyer Weighs in In July 2017, Amanda Katherine McLeod was indicted in Raleigh on a charge of second-degree murder. Three months earlier, she had sold the powerful and deadly drug, fentanyl, to a woman named Emily Renzo.
Raleigh Sex Offense Attorney Shares Concerns Over New Law that Could Convict Teens for Sexting Sexting, or sending sexually-explicit text messages, may seem exciting for many teenagers even though most are unaware of the potential consequences.
Raleigh Drug Attorney Warns Against Voluntary Police Encounters A North Carolina man unwittingly exposed himself as a major grower of opium poppy plants when he confessed to law enforcement officials when they came knocking on his front door.
Raleigh Criminal Attorney Shares News about Raleigh PD Body Camera Roll Out Raleigh criminal defense attorneys like myself have been following the news about the eventual use of body cameras for quite some time. This past week, the News and Observer wrote about Raleigh Police Department rolling out body-worn cameras. By the end of next year, 600 sworn officers will be equipped with the cameras. At this time, the police department is seeking input from the public.
Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyer Reflects on Corruption and Violence By NC Corrections Officers When I hear about sex, drugs, and violence in prisons, I usually think of shows like HBO’s Oz or Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. While I heard real-life stories of violence in prisons it did not seem rampant, but now we see that some of those stories are true.
Raleigh Criminal Attorneys Share Insights into Children Accused of Sex Crimes When she was 10 years old, Charla Roberts pulled down the pants of an elementary school classmate. It was a childish prank – but it landed her on the state’s sex offender registry after being prosecuted for “indecency with a child."
Will North Carolina Legalize Medical Marijuana? Raleigh Drug Lawyers Discuss the Issue According to poll results released in May 2017, 80% of North Carolinians want medical marijuana legalized. Support was strong from both sides of the political fence, with 83% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans approving of the idea.
Raleigh Defense Attorney Questions the Use of Deadly Force by Police Jordan Edwards, 15 years old, was killed by a police officer on Saturday, April 29 in Balch Springs, Texas. Police departments have policies in place that regulate and restrict when a police officer can use deadly force.
Raleigh drug attorney questions the outrageous bond given to a low level drug offender. If you are facing a drug charge in the state of North Carolina, you are facing a real challenge from the criminal justice system with police officers, prosecutors and government officials often eager to put you behind bars to boost their own public image.