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Raleigh DWI attorney comments on power outage to hundreds of fellow citizens. A breathalyzer is often used by police officers to confirm if an individual is driving while intoxicated (DWI). The results almost always used as evidence at a DWI trial. However, many DWI attorneys question the reliability of such tests.
Raleigh Family Attorney notes that Divorce or Separation Doesn't Have to be Uncivil If you’re planning to get divorced, you’re probably worried about how your decision will affect your children. Though you may not love your spouse anymore, you probably do not want your kids to think bad of them. Still, organizing schedules, dividing up holidays and shuffling kids between alternating parental visits isn’t going to be easy.
Can Your Survive a Divorce After 50? Raleigh Family Attorney Thinks You Can! As a Raleigh Divorce Attorney I can tell you that most people often associate the dissolution of a marriage with younger couples, those in their 20s, 30s or 40s. Surprisingly, the National Center for Family & Marriage Research recently reported the divorce rate for individuals over the age of 50 doubled in the period between 1990 and 2014.
Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Notes How to Avoid Going Broke During and After Divorce While the overall rate of divorce has been declining for several years, approximately one-third of the couples married today will, at some point, seek a divorce. Unfortunately, the costs associated with ending a marriage financially cripple a large number of those going through a divorce.
Raleigh Family Lawyer Discusses Grandparents’ Rights To Child Custody - Part II When a grandchild’s wellbeing is threatened, it is only natural for a grandparent to want to step in. As a Raleigh family attorney, I often get calls about grandparents wanting to obtain custody of their grandchildren because they are concerned about the ability of their own children to care for their grandchildren.
Raleigh Family Lawyer Discusses Grandparents’ Rights To Child Visitation When a grandparent’s access to their grandchild is blocked, or a grandparent thinks that may be on the horizon, it can be frightening and extremely stressful. What should you do if you feel like your rights to see your grandchildren are threatened?
Raleigh Family Lawyer Shares Insights on When a Court will Consider a Motion to Modify Child Support Whether you are paying child support or receiving child support, an important thing to keep in mind is that child support can be modified. There is a good chance you are a candidate for child support modification and you should seek out a qualified family law attorney for help.
Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Discusses 6 Important Considerations When Thinking About a Separation or Divorce Even if you’re just considering a separation or divorce, contacting an attorney can be beneficial to make sure you fully understand what effect it will have on your life and the dos and don’ts to avoid legal liability when the divorce is final. Here are some things you should consider if you’re even considering a separation or a divorce
Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Discusses How Remarrying & Cohabitating Affects Alimony Does remarriage or cohabitation effect the obligation to pay alimony? You may think the effect is the same for both, but it depends on whether you have court-ordered alimony payments (and the date of the order) or you agreed to an amount for alimony in a separation agreement.
Raleigh Adoption Lawyer Talks About the Steps to Stepparent Adoption Parents may get separated or divorced, and children can be shuffled around between different sets of parents. Some parents can remarry and children can find themselves brought into a new family with a stepparent.