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Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Explains Pet Custody in North Carolina When you think about sharing custody after a divorce, generally children come to mind. However, for many couples, pets are members of the family and there are many considerations when determining who gets to keep the dog, cat or other household pet, or who is going to pay for the pet’s expenses.
Family Law Attorney Shares Six Tips on Talking to Children About Divorce As an experienced family law attorney, I know how to handle a divorce and all the sensitive negotiations that come with it. But over years of experience, I've come to understand something more important: how difficult it can all be on a client’s children.
Raleigh Family Lawyer Discusses an Affidavit of Parentage As a well-known Raleigh family attorney in North Carolina, I am often asked when a baby is born outside of a marriage, if the child is presumed not to have a legal father. Obviously every child conceived has a father somewhere, however I am speaking from the prospective of having a legal obligation.
Foster Parents and Adoption-A Great Opportunity According to This Raleigh Family Attorney In California, a 32-year-old woman woke up one day to find that she had become the mother of five little girls. No, they did not appear out of nowhere, and no, it did not necessarily happen overnight.
Raleigh Adoption Attorney Explains Pre-placement Assessments (or Home Studies) for Adoptions in North Carolina  Adoption a way to grow your family, and provide a stable, loving home to a child in need. Many people across the state want to offer their love and home to a child, and to care for them as their own. As a family law attorney, I frequently get questions about the process for adoptions in North Carolina.
Raleigh Family Lawyer Shares 7 Things You Should Never Do If You're Getting Divorced It's simple, divorce usually results in all sorts of complications – whether its emotions, legalities, finances, and/or relations within a separating couple’s circle. Understandably, these complexities can affect any person’s decision-making, leading to unfavorable actions during divorce proceedings.
Raleigh Family Attorney notes that Divorce or Separation Doesn't Have to be Uncivil If you’re planning to get divorced, you’re probably worried about how your decision will affect your children. Though you may not love your spouse anymore, you probably do not want your kids to think bad of them. Still, organizing schedules, dividing up holidays and shuffling kids between alternating parental visits isn’t going to be easy.
Can Your Survive a Divorce After 50? Raleigh Family Attorney Thinks You Can! As a Raleigh Divorce Attorney I can tell you that most people often associate the dissolution of a marriage with younger couples, those in their 20s, 30s or 40s. Surprisingly, the National Center for Family & Marriage Research recently reported the divorce rate for individuals over the age of 50 doubled in the period between 1990 and 2014.
Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Notes How to Avoid Going Broke During and After Divorce While the overall rate of divorce has been declining for several years, approximately one-third of the couples married today will, at some point, seek a divorce. Unfortunately, the costs associated with ending a marriage financially cripple a large number of those going through a divorce.
Raleigh Family Lawyer Discusses Grandparents’ Rights To Child Custody - Part II When a grandchild’s wellbeing is threatened, it is only natural for a grandparent to want to step in. As a Raleigh family attorney, I often get calls about grandparents wanting to obtain custody of their grandchildren because they are concerned about the ability of their own children to care for their grandchildren.