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Domestic and Family Law Attorney on Child Support and the Obligation of Providing for Your Child

When it comes to child support, the noncustodial parent is generally the paying parent. Payment is determined under the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are agreed upon unless application would make it unfair for one parent. Child support is required until the child reaches the age of majority, usually 18.

The formula for each parent's obligation is based on factors such as:

  • Father's and mother's incomes
  • Costs for medical/dental insurance of child
  • Child care expenses
  • Previous and current child support obligations for another child
  • Special needs considerations such as a disability/medical condition
We will represent you to make sure your child support obligation is fair under the law. We can also seek to enforce child support that is in arrears or to modify a child support agreement if there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

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Here is the transcript to our child support video:

Kathryn Graham, Civil Associate

Every parent has a responsibility to provide support for his or her child.  While this seems like an obvious statement, people often disagree about how much support is appropriate.  In North Carolina, the amount of child support can often be determined by the NC Child Support Guidelines. 

The typical amount of child support can be estimated using the monthly incomes of each parent and the amount of overnight stays each parent has with the child.  The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) website has a child support calculator which uses the guidelines, and that will give you a general idea; however, there are many variations that can adjust the amount of support each parent is responsible for providing.  Overlooking a single adjustment can mean a significant difference in monthly support – sometimes by more than $100 a month.  Even small adjustments will add up over time once you consider that child support is paid every month until a child graduates from high school and reaches the age of 18.  An experienced attorney will be able to recognize all the adjustments that apply to your situation and can often make a significant difference in child support.

The guidelines don’t apply to every situation.  In some situations, the amount of support is determined by what the reasonable needs of the child are and what each parent has the ability to pay.  You should review child support at least every three years or sooner if something changes that affects your ability to pay or your child’s needs to make sure the amount of support is still appropriate.  A good attorney will be able to analyze your situation and advise you whether a modification is appropriate.

I have experience spotting the reasonable adjustments that should be made within the Child support guidelines, and going outside of the guidelines when the situation requires it.  Call me for a consultation to discuss what child support amount is right for you and your family.

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