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Raleigh Lawyers Have “Good News” for Those with Limited Driving Privileges In North Carolina, drivers licenses can be suspended or revoked due to alcohol-related offenses or certain convictions, or if they accumulated points in their records due to moving violations and other infractions.
Personal Injury Lawyer Offers Advice for Successful Claim Negotiation People who want to claim compensation for damage and losses they incurred will find that talking to the insurance company is no walk in the park.
Personal Injury Lawyer: Filing a Wrongful Death Suit against Drag Racers Drag races can sometimes claim innocent lives. Despite all the risks involved and the danger it poses to bystanders, illegal drag racing is still a common headline in the news. Just last month, an illegal drag race that took place outside of Raleigh in Johnston County resulted in the deaths of four people and severe injury to three others.
Personal Injury Lawyer: Can You Sue for Training-Related Heat Stroke? Even though the school year is over, many high school athletes continue to practice over the summer to stay in condition. Others train for competitions and athletic meets. This is pretty much the norm for many student athletes, but this summer’s weather conditions might be concerning.
Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Talks About Recent Train Accidents There seems to be plenty of accidents involving trains recently. Last March in North Carolina, an Amtrak train crashed into a tractor-trailer that was stuck in the railroad crossing tracks. The truck driver was trying to make a left-hand turn onto a Halifax highway but failed to navigate the crossing. He was also unable to back away from the tracks since other cars have already stopped behind him.
The Role of a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer in Workplace Injury Cases A skilled Raleigh personal injury lawyer protects a worker’s rights when they suffer injuries in the workplace due to the negligence of their employer.
Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Enlightens Victims on Car Accident Laws When you’re harmed in a car accident, you might be so shaken up that you’re unsure of what to do. One thing that might not cross your mind, particularly if you’re concerned about your health or that of your passengers, are the laws apply to a car accident. These laws can be crucial to what steps to take after your accident and what options you have.
“Frivolous Lawsuits” in the Eyes of a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer When people hear the term “frivolous lawsuit,” many just assume that the case is without merit and the claim is absurd. However, in the eyes of an experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer, those “frivolous lawsuits” aren’t always ridiculous. In many cases, the plaintiff has every right to pursue a claim.
Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Your Car Accident Claim Succeed How important is auto insurance? In North Carolina, all drivers are required to purchase automotive liability insurance. This is designed to cover the costs of any injury or damage resulting from a car accident for which the covered driver is at fault. What happens when the other party is at fault?