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Raleigh Lawyers Experienced in Criminal & DWI Defense, Family Law, Traffic & Injury Cases

Wake County Attorneys' Practice Areas and Concentrations In The Law

Whether you need the services of a lawyer for criminal defense, family law or personal injury, Kurtz & Blum is one of the outstanding Raleigh law firms that you can turn to for knowledgable legal advice and effective representation. Our team of highly experienced lawyers is here to help you in a wide range of practice areas.

Raleigh DWI Lawyers

If you've been charged with Driving While Intoxicated, our DWI lawyers can help reduce or eliminate the damage a DWI can cause. Your initial consultation is free and flexible payment terms are available. We have the experience and knowledge to help you avoid making a costly mistake. Please call us today at 919-832-7700.


Traffic Lawyers in Raleigh

Don't let a traffic ticket unnecessarily cause your insurance rates to rise, or affect your ability to drive legally. The traffic attorneys at Kurtz & Blum have handled countless traffic cases and know how to minimize its impact or void them completely. If you have a traffic violation call our office now at 919-832-7700. Most issues can be quickly and easily handled over the phone.

Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyers

We have tremendous experience handling criminal cases, from white collar crimes to violent crimes such as robbery and assault. Whatever you have been charged with, you need a defense attorney that will fight aggressively to protect your rights under the law. Time is of the essence. Call us immediately at 919-832-7700 so that we can help you and prepare the best possible defense.

Raleigh Family LawyersFamily Law Attorneys

We understand you have plenty of choices in Raleigh law firms. If you are looking for an attorney that is caring and understanding, but still highly experienced in the area of divorce, child custody, or alimony, Kurtz & Blum has an excellent reputation for providing effective representation for all family law issues. To speak with a highly skilled North Carolina family law attorney, call 919-832-7700.

Raleigh Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in a car or truck accident because of another driver’s mistake, then you need Raleigh lawyers who is well-versed in personal injury litigation. Insurance companies will try to minimize their exposure and may not give you all the facts. You need someone who knows exactly what to do. You need to speak with us. We will aggressively work to obtain you just compensation for your injuries. Call 919-832-7700 now!

Raleigh Work Injury Lawyers

Injuries at work can really set you back with lost wages and medical bills, not to mention the pain and suffering. To be fully compensated under the limited provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act, it is important to speak with an experienced work injury lawyer who can help evaluate and maximize your claim. Contact us now at 919-832-7700 for a free case evaluation.  

Raleigh Lawyers Who Handle Legal Malpractice Cases

Don't be victimized twice! If you have retained a lawyer who through gross negligence has caused you to lose a case, or who has defrauded you, then you need a tough, smart and aggressive lawyer willing to take your case to court and uphold the high ethical standards of the legal profession. Call 919-832-7700 today and let us remedy your situation and get you the justice you deserve.