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Experienced Raleigh Attorney Helps You Understand Your Residential Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities

Renting a property can be stressful and confusing.  Knowing what your rights are as a residential tenant can prevent a lot of unneeded litigation.  

Often times, a consultation can resolve your legal issues!  If you are dealing with an unreasonable or non-responsive landlord we can advise you on tips to get your landlord to take action!  If you signed a lease too soon or need to terminate early, we can advise you on how to negotiate with your landlord (or we can step in if you need that as well). 

Our residential tenant attorneys are experienced in advocating for tenant’s rights and can offer efficient and cost-effective representation.  Having an eviction on your rental history can make it very difficult to rent in the future.  Being represented can help prevent this problem.  

There are several landlords that do not even consider your application if you have been evicted, so be sure to get advice on how to handle any dispute you are having with your landlord! 

At Kurtz & Blum we represent and offer advice to tenants regarding the following:

Reviewing Prospective Lease Agreements

Having a lawyer review your lease before you sign it can ensure you understand and are aware of what you are signing up for, and more importantly, what rights you are waiving before it is too late!

Mold, Bed Bugs, or other Habitability Issues

Landlords are required to comply with all building codes and provide a fit and habitable premises.  If your rental unit has mold, bed bugs, loose wiring, water intrusion, or other unsafe habitability issues we can help! 

Evictions in Small Claims Court (Magistrate Court)

Landlords are not always entitled to possession of the rental unit! Having an experienced attorney fighting for you in court can make the difference of having an eviction on your rental record!  There is no such thing as a “civil expunction” for evictions so call us to help! 

Eviction Appeals from Small Claims Court to District Court 

If you think the Magistrate Judge made a mistake or you didn’t get to offer all your evidence in court, we can help you with an appeal of your eviction to District Court.  You only have 10 days to appeal a Magistrates Order, so do not wait to ask for help! 

Disability Rights with Housing

Most landlords are subject to laws that protect people with disabilities.  We can assist you with claims for reasonable accommodations at your rental unit and service animals and therapy animals (sometimes referred to as comfort animals).  

Security Deposit Disputes 

In North Carolina there are laws that govern various issues with security deposits.  Our statutes outline the maximum amount your security deposit can be, where it can be deposited, notifying you of its location, what it can be used for when your lease ends, and how long your landlord must return it to you after your lease terminates.  

If you are having a dispute with your landlord about the security deposit, give us a call. 

Negotiating Lease Terminations

Often a new job or other life event requires a move.  Having an experienced attorney to help negotiate a lease termination or making sure you have complied with the terms of your lease can prevent unwanted judgments or collections actions against you.  

Leases with Option to Purchase (Rent to Own)

If you are looking to enter into a “rent-to-own” agreement, or you have already signed one, you should be aware that North Carolina has specific requirements for these leases, which help protect you as a tenant! 


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We frequently handle cases arising out of the following counties: Wake, Johnston, Durham, Orange, Lee, Harnett, Chatham, Nash, Vance, Person, Vance, Alamance, Cumberland, Edgecombe, Granville, Forsyth, Guilford and Wayne.

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