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Reduction or Dismissal of Traffic Tickets With the Help of a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Many people who get traffic tickets in North Carolina make the mistake of thinking they should simply pay a fine and move on, only to suffer costs and other consequences they did not anticipate — and could have avoided.

Pleading or being found guilty of any traffic law violation in North Carolina may subject you to a fine and court costs, driver’s license points, increased auto insurance rates, and, in some cases, loss of driving privileges and/or jail time. If you drive as part of your job duties, your ability to earn a living could be threatened as well.

Our skilled traffic ticket attorneys of Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, can argue your side of the story in court with the goal of getting the charges reduced or dismissed. Our traffic ticket attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to spot strengths and weaknesses in the case against you. We also have the relationships with local prosecutors necessary for knowing how and who to reach out to in order to discuss your case.

Our law firm provides free initial consultations in traffic ticket cases. In this meeting, our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can explain how your case is likely to move forward, and what you should expect. Contact us today to discuss what to do after an arrest or a traffic ticket is issued in Raleigh or elsewhere in Wake County, North Carolina.

Traffic Ticket Attorneys


How Our N.C. Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Help You

Just like in any criminal case, you have the right to challenge any traffic ticket or charge, and you have the additional right to have a lawyer make your case for you. The prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you violated the law in order to obtain a conviction.

Our seasoned traffic ticket attorneys from Kurtz & Blum can:

  • Investigate the circumstances of the traffic charges you face
  • Challenge your arrest and/or the evidence against you
  • Argue to have traffic offense charges reduced or dismissed (particularly if you have a clean record and good standing in your community or school, or there are problems with the prosecution’s case)
  • Draw on our years of experience in Wake County traffic court to negotiate with prosecutors on behalf of deserving clients
  • Thoroughly discuss with you whether accepting a plea deal or going to trial would be in your best interest
  • Explore all pre-trial and post-trial options that could allow you to keep your license or retain limited driving privileges if a conviction cannot be avoided

Our Raleigh traffic ticket attorneys will work diligently to fight the charges you are facing. We will also make sure you understand every step of the way what is happening and why. Set up a free consultation with our respected legal team today.

Types of Traffic Ticket Cases Our Law Firm Handles

You probably recognize that a North Carolina driver’s license grants you privileges that the state can and will revoke if you violate certain laws, particularly traffic laws. The State of North Carolina will also take your money in fines and take away your freedom for some traffic offenses.

At Kurtz & Blum, our knowledgeable traffic ticket attorneys can defend you in cases that include, but are not limited to:

  • Habitual DWI
  • Ignition Interlock Device Cases
  • Driving While License Revoked
  • Driver’s License Restoration
  • Other Traffic Tickets

There are numerous traffic laws on the books in North Carolina. Unless your ticket is for not wearing a seat belt or a parking violation, the fact is that you will benefit from having an experienced lawyer defend you.

Types of Traffic Offenses in North Carolina

Traffic offenses in North Carolina are classified in one of three ways:

  • Infraction: These are violations for which you may get a ticket, such as for speeding or running a stop sign. If guilty, you will be required to pay a fine, which may top $100, and court costs, which are $130 for District Court. You may also be assessed points on your driver’s license.
  • Misdemeanor: A misdemeanor is a minor crime, which will lead to your arrest and may be punished by up to 60 days of jail time in addition to a fine and court costs. A misdemeanor traffic offense may also result in points on your driver’s license or immediate suspension of your driver’s license. Driving while impaired (DWI), leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving are misdemeanor traffic offenses.
  • Felony: A felony is a serious crime, which is typically punishable by a prison term of more than 1 year, as well as hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, plus court costs. Felony traffic offenses include hit and run, vehicular manslaughter, and habitual DWI (a DWI charge following three DWI convictions within the prior seven years).

The punishments available for misdemeanor and felony traffic offenses grow harsher for each subsequent offense.

If you fail to pay a traffic violation fine and costs — or fail to appear for a traffic ticket hearing — the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles will revoke your driver’s license or the right to drive on an out-of-state license until the ticket is paid (or you go to court).

Conviction of a traffic violation is also likely to cause your insurance company to raise your automobile insurance rates. In North Carolina, you must buy a defined minimum amount of auto liability coverage to legally operate a motor vehicle.

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Understanding Driver’s License Points in North Carolina

If you are convicted of certain traffic violations in North Carolina, a certain number of driver license points are assessed against your driving record. If you accumulate as many as 12 points within a three-year period, your driver’s license may be suspended. If you accumulate eight points within three years following the reinstatement of your license, your driving privileges will be suspended again.

If your driver’s license is suspended under the point system, it may be taken for:

  • 60 days for the first suspension
  • 6 months for the second suspension
  • 12 months for the third suspension

Traffic violations and points assessed for a conviction in North Carolina include:

Passing a stopped school bus 5
Aggressive driving 5
Reckless driving 4
Hit and run, with property damage only 4
Following too closely 4
Driving on the wrong side of the road 4
Illegal passing 4
Failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian 4
Failure to yield right of way to a bicycle, motor scooter, or motorcycle 4
Running a stop sign 3
Speeding in excess of 55 mph 3
Failure to yield right of way 3
Running a red light 3
Driving with no driver’s license or license expired more than one year 3
Failure to stop for an emergency vehicle siren 3
Driving through a safety zone 3
No liability insurance 3
Failure to report an accident where such a report is required 3
Speeding in a school zone in excess of the posted school zone speed limit 3
Failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint or seat belt 2
All other moving violations 2
Littering from or with the use of a motor vehicle 1


Once you accumulate seven points, you may be assigned to a driver improvement clinic. Upon satisfactory completion of the clinic, three points are deducted from your driving record. The fee for attending the clinic is $65.

When your driving privilege is reinstated, all previous driver’s license points are canceled. This does not affect what insurance companies may charge you for coverage based on your driving history.

Note that conviction for an offense punishable by a driver’s license suspension, such as a DWI or speeding over 55 mph and more than 15 mph over the speed limit, does not put points on your driver’s license.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Driver’s License Back?

If your driver’s license is revoked or suspended, once the suspension or revocation term is complete, you must pay any fines and fees owed before you can have your driving privileges restored. In addition, the state charges a:

  • $65 driver’s license restoration fee
  • $130 DWI reinstatement fee
  • $50 service fee if your driver’s license was not returned to the DMV before the suspension or revocation period began

These fees are separate from the cost of getting a new or duplicate driver’s license, which is $32 and $13, respectively, for a standard Class A, B, or C license.

If you have questions about getting your license back, contact the experienced traffic ticket lawyers at Kurtz & Blum today to discuss your case.

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