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Speeding in a School Zone – How a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help

Speeding tickets in a school zone can easy lead to whole host of problems if not handled delicately.

In efforts to better protect our children, communities are allowed to lower the speed limit around schools. The lower limit cannot fall below 20 mph and there has to be adequate notice to drivers. You’ve seen the signs every time you drive past a school. The sign not only has to indicate the lower speed of the school zone, but also the hours and days during which it is in effect.

It is much more difficult to reduce or amend a speeding in a school zone charge than it is a normal speeding charge. Prosecutors and judges treat school zone tickets much more strictly for obvious reasons. Everyone wants to ensure our kids get to school safely.

The North Carolina General Assembly enacted a statute in May of 2011 resulting in even harsher punishments for those convicted of speeding in a school zone. If convicted of speeding in a school zone, you are not eligible for the Safe Driver Incentive Plan that prevents an increase in insurance premiums. In other words, a speeding in a school zone conviction will nearly always result in an insurance increase. A prayer for judgment continued may still be available depending on the judge, and many of those judges in turn will require community service. If a judge gives you an opportunity to complete community service and you do so successfully, he or she will order that judgment be continued in your case and your insurance premium will not increase.

As you can see, speeding in a school zone is treated very seriously in North Carolina. In the event you are found guilty of speeding in a school zone, be prepared for points to be assessed to your license and insurance. At Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, we have handled countless school zone tickets, and we will do our best to fight for your interests. Call us today and let our traffic attorneys can help you.

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