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Stop Sign and Red Light Violations

How an Attorney Can Help with Stop Sign or Red Light Violations

Stop sign violations and red light violations are governed under the same North Carolina statute. The statute states that drivers’ are not to enter an intersection on a red light, but, as you know, entering the intersection while the light is yellow is perfectly legal. Likewise, you cannot enter an intersection without coming to a complete stop if there is a stop sign.

If you were stopped by a cop who wrote you a ticket for a red light or stop sign violation please continue reading. If you received a ticket via mail because of a red light camera, skip to the bottom to read about mail-in tickets.

Much like speeding, both of these violations seem simple to deal with and many people think that they are easy to simply put behind you. But if not handled carefully, stop sign and stop light violations, like speeding, can have big repercussions in fees, insurance premiums, and even your ability to drive.

If you get a ticket for running a red light or a stop sign, you can do more than just plead guilty. For example, you might be able to enter into an agreement with the district attorney’s office where you could either enroll in driving school or complete community service in exchange for a non-moving violation or a city code violation. Another option might be to seek a prayer for judgment continued (PJC), if and only if it will actually help you given your particular circumstances. Having a trial is always an option as well. The best traffic attorneys evaluate your case with you to determine the best way to resolve your case. Handling a stop sign or red light ticket without an experienced attorney can be a gigantic mistake and you could end up spending way more time and money in the long run with your insurance increasing. Be smart. You can trust that the Raleigh Traffic Lawyers of Kurtz & Blum, PLLC know how to achieve the best possible outcome depending on your particular situation.

At Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, our traffic attorneys will examine your driving record and discuss with you your options. Let us turn your otherwise inconvenient and costly mistake into nothing more than a pesky speed bump.

Mail-In Tickets and Fines:

On the other hand, if you received a ticket via mail-in you should go ahead and pay the fine. While pleading guilty to this big-brother style of government is more than annoying, you will not receive any points on your license or see your insurance rates pick up. This is one instance where paying the fine can’t spiral into other negative repercussions.

Our traffic attorneys help people throughout Wake County, North Carolina.  We frequently handle offenses arising out of the following cities: Raleigh, Zebulon, Rolesville, Holly Springs, Apex, New Hope, Wendell, Garner, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale, Wake Forest and Morrisville.

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