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What To Do If You Are Stopped By The Police?

How to Handle Yourself In a Traffic Stop

The question is what you should do if you are stopped by the police. The most important thing to do if you’re stopped by the police is to be nice. Be pleasant and professional. Do not argue; don’t be sarcastic, insulting, or difficult with the officer. Most police officers are simply trying to do their job. Most officers will treat you professionally. However even in situations where this is not the case, you will only cause yourself additional problems by being a jerk. Closely related advice is for you to restrain yourself from trying to be funny. Many officers will find this inappropriate. Keep in mind that just about anything you do or say while in contact with the police will likely be written down somewhere. It makes for a bad day for us as lawyers and for our clients as well when we walk into court to find out that even a simple traffic ticket is actually a hotly contested matter, simply because our client gave the officer a hard time. And please remember it makes no difference at all whether the officer “deserved” it. Either way, it will come back to haunt you.

Now this next part can be tricky, because while being reasonable and cooperative, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to assert your rights. Exercising your rights to a lawyer, to remain silent, and to be free from unreasonable search and seizure does not make you uncooperative or difficult, even if the officer chooses to call it that.

If an officer asks you whether you have been drinking, unless the honest answer to that question is “no”, you should say that you do not wish to make any statements without your lawyer. If an officer asks you if he can search your person or your car, your response should simply be: “Officer, I mean no disrespect, but if I’m free to leave I want to do so now and if I’m not I want my attorney now. I do not wish to make any statements without my attorney present and I do not consent to any search of my person or vehicle without first consulting with my attorney.”

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