Alleged Sexual Abuse of 12 Girls by Cult Leader

Understanding the Complexities of Sexual Abuse Defenses

Although abhorrent to most people, sexual abuse is a reality that must be faced and dealt with in our society. Individuals charged with any type of sexual abuse will often face difficulties in defending themselves, as society tends to view these crimes as being especially heinous. However, the fact remains that everyone is entitled to a proper defense when facing charges, including those charged with any form of sexual abuse.

Everyone Deserves the Best Defense Possible

At Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, we believe that anyone charged with an offense has the Constitutional right to be defended in a court of law, and make the State prove the each and every element of the charges against an individual. That’s important because, in some cases, public opinion may already have biased a potential jury pool, which makes a fair trial much more difficult to attain. In some cases, the defendant is actually innocent, meaning the person’s liberty is literally hanging in the balance. There are a number of cases in which a person makes a false statement to the police setting criminal charges in motion and then later, they regret making that statement. However, once criminal prosecution has commenced, it is incredibly difficult to get the State to simply dismiss the charges.

If found guilty, the individual could be facing prison time and/or be labeled as a sex offender for life. In other cases, a defendant may be guilty of a crime, but the circumstances involved may be incredibly complicated. Any situation resulting in an individual being charged with sexual abuse or misconduct means the defendant should contact an experienced sex offense attorney for help immediately.

Complications Lead to Unforeseen Outcomes

Sexual abuse is usually a high profile case, with public attitudes condemning those involved well before a trial ever takes place. That’s what happens in cases like that of Lee Caplan, who was charged with the abuse of numerous female children in Pennsylvania. In that case, the young girls were brainwashed into believing Kaplan was some sort of “god” they had to follow. Six of the girls were regarded as “wives,” suggesting Kaplan’s relationships with the girls was physical in nature.

There might be little doubt that Kaplan was guilty of abusing these children, but he was also entitled to a proper defense to ensure his trial was conducted fairly and the jury heard both sides of the story. Regardless of guilt or innocence, a defense attorney will seek to show complex factors that might mitigate the facts of the case to some degree.

Without adequate legal representation, people charged with sex offenses could receive sentences harsher than the law requires.

Don’t Face Sexual Offense Charges Alone

Most cases don’t reach the level of notoriety Kaplan’s has, but that doesn’t mean they are not as important to everyone involved. A person charged with any type of sexual offense in Raleigh or Wake County should never discuss the allegations with the police or anyone else until a reliable Raleigh sex offense lawyer is present. The importance of quickly obtaining legal counsel cannot be overstated, as the person charged is facing potentially life-long consequences if found guilty.

No attorney can guarantee a client will be found innocent of charges or even that charges will be reduced. However, without a proper legal defense, the potential for a better outcome is seriously reduced.

At Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, we believe everyone is entitled to the best defense possible, at the earliest possible time. Even if not yet arrested or charged, if it appears a person will be charged, contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney for help immediately is strongly recommended.

If you have been arrested or charged, take that first important step in defending yourself. Contact the team at Kurtz & Blum, PLLC at 919-832-7700 for advice before discussing the case with anyone.