A Trusted Raleigh Injury Lawyer to Breaks Down the Legal Issues Surrounding a Workplace Accident

Accidents which result in serious injuries can happen anytime and anywhere, especially in a workplace where employees are exposed to different kinds of risks. Companies are generally expected to provide guidelines and proper equipment to minimize the risk of accidents.

A story posted on WVRecord.com last September 24, 2013, reported about a Raleigh County, West Virginia resident working in Fayetteville filed charges against his employer for negligence, which resulted in his injury.

Pettry says on July 16, 2012, he suffered serious injury when working for Swope Construction at the Boy Scout Camp in Glen Jean. The complaint states the plaintiff fell from a concrete form after warning his employer that he needed safety equipment, but none was provided.

Pettry contends that Swope Construction knew of the unsafe condition, failed to provide the necessary equipment in violation of state or federal law and intentionally exposed employees to the unsafe working environment.

West Virginia is not the only place where such incidents can happen. Areas in North Carolina with a lot of building construction are likely to experience similar cases, and in such instances, it is the employees that suffer the most.  This is where a trusted Raleigh personal injury lawyer can be of assistance, someone who can help “break and ease the fall,” for the victims.

But how does one find the right lawyer for such cases?

Banking on background

If it is your first time to speak with a personal injury lawyer, you should know the some of the history of the lawyer or the reputation of the law firm they work for. Be mindful of aggressive solicitations, as most of the most experienced and qualified lawyers do not use high pressure tactics. Furthermore, it is also advisable to ask for recommendations from the State Bar, which can vouch for someone who specializes in injury law.

Know the ins and outs

Another important factor is that the lawyer should be knowledgeable and well-versed in local laws. Different localities often have different laws, and if the lawyer doesn’t know the ins and outs of existing laws in their client’s area, the case could potentially be affected in a negative way. Moreover, a lawyer with exemplary academic achievements does not always equate to an attorney willing to help the client achieve their objectives. Rather, having a reputable track record is what is most important. In other words, an attorney’s actual experience in the field often means more than how prestigious their law degree is.

There are dependable law firms in North Carolina like Kurtz & Blum, PLLC who specialize in personal injury law and help victims get the compensation they deserve.

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