Dirty Divorce Tricks to Look Out for in Divorce Cases in North Carolina

Divorce can be challenging under the best circumstances, but if you’re dealing with a vindictive spouse during a divorce, you may encounter some pretty dirty divorce tricks. An already fraught situation can become immeasurably worse. Here are some sneaky divorce tactics to look out for if you are going through a divorce in North Carolina. For help from a compassionate family lawyer, reach out to Kurtz & Blum today for a confidential consultation about your case.

Dirty Trick #1 – Using an Order of Protection Inappropriately

If a vindictive spouse wants the other to leave their home or gain the upper hand with custody of their children, they might lie to the court and say the other spouse is abusing them to obtain an order of protection. This means a judge could order a spouse to stay away from the couple’s home and children. Sometimes, this order can be granted without having to notify the other side.

Dirty Trick #2 – Falsely Alleging Parental Alienation or Abuse

An especially brutal divorce tactic is making false allegations of parental alienation or abuse to keep the other parent away from the couple’s children. Some spouses may try to escalate the situation by involving the authorities or family “witnesses” when they don’t get their way.

Dirty Trick #3 – Transferring Assets to a Third Party

To avoid splitting up belongings in divorce, a spouse might transfer vehicles, properties, or other assets to third parties, hoping these items will be overlooked in the division of assets.

Dirty Trick #4 – Not Complying with Discovery

Here’s an excellent example of what not to do during a divorce. A spouse may attempt to stall or prevent a divorce from proceeding by refusing to comply with requests for evidence during discovery, which is a phase that happens before a trial. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with this behavior, from subpoenas to sanctions.

Dirty Trick #5 – “Losing” Overtime, Bonuses, Commissions, Etc.

A spouse who typically receives a lot of overtime pay, bonuses, or commissions may suddenly “lose” that income while going through a divorce. If a spouse tries to claim that they lost a substantial portion of their income, they must be able to prove the loss is legitimate.

Dirty Trick #6 – Canceling Credit Cards Without Warning

A combative spouse may cancel their ex’s credit cards out of spite, with little or no warning. This can backfire by sparking a contentious separation and increasing the possibility that a court will have to intervene.

Dirty Trick #7 – Cutting Off Utilities, Internet, Etc.

Cutting off utilities like power, water, gas, or internet is a common trick of vindictive spouses. However, this dirty divorce trick typically gets the attention of the family law judge hearing the case.

Dirty Trick #8 – Cleaning Out Shared Financial Accounts

Cleaning out shared bank accounts or savings without consulting an attorney is rarely a good idea. While this tactic might provide temporary satisfaction, it can lead to emergency court hearings and further conflict.

Possible Consequences for These Sneaky Divorce Tactics

Engaging in these kinds of sneaky divorce tactics can have unpleasant consequences. Contentious divorces are almost always more expensive for everyone involved. Also, spouses who resort to these tactics may face court-ordered fines or even jail time for egregious behaviors.

Why You Need a Knowledgeable Divorce Attorney

At Kurtz & Blum, our family law team can help you identify and fight back against dirty tricks in divorce. Contact our team today to discuss the details of your divorce case in a confidential consultation.