Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Your Car Accident Claim Succeed

How important is auto insurance? In North Carolina, all drivers are required to purchase automotive liability insurance. This is designed to cover the costs of any injury or damage resulting from a car accident for which the covered driver is at fault. What happens when the other party is at fault?

In that case, the injured party gains the right to file a car accident claim with their own insurance carrier or with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. When a claim is filed, a claims adjustor from the insurance company will be assigned to the case. The adjustor will look into the circumstances of the accident, evaluate medical reports, talk to witnesses, examine property damage, and check and see how their insurance coverage applies.

This seems like a rather straight-forward process, one where car accident victims simply need to wait for monetary compensation. In truth, it is often more complicated, time consuming, slow and can be quite frustrating. It might be advantageous to hire a competent Raleigh car accident lawyer to handle a car accident claim rather than try to do everything without assistance.

How insurance companies work

Claims adjustors who represent insurance companies during the claims and negotiation process with car accident victims are likely to offer a settlement amount lower than what’s warranted to minimize costs (and maximize company profits).

Why hire a lawyer

Getting professional legal assistance might be the only way to ensure car accident victims receive fair and reasonable compensation for their damage and injuries. As it is, insurance companies work like most businesses in that the lower their payoffs are, the better. With an experienced Raleigh personal injury attorney by their side, those who’ve been wronged in road accidents due to another party’s negligence or carelessness often have a better chance to receive the maximum compensation amount.

Still, being offered a weak compensation settlement might be the least of the problems for a car accident victim. North Carolina follows comparative fault rules, which means that if the accident victim is proven to be partly to blame for the incident, he or she may not be entitled to any compensation at all.

Those who have been injured in car accidents might be surprised to see the claims adjustor refute their claims entirely. It is, therefore, in their best interest to hire a qualified law firm like Kurtz & Blum, PLLC to work on their case and make sure the contributory negligence doesn’t apply.

Those involved in any car accident can file an auto insurance claim, especially if they sustained injuries as a result. Having legal professionals handle their personal injury claims is the best way to ensure they receive the compensation they truly deserve.

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