New York is Tightening Restrictions on Sex Offenders

Sexual crimes appear to be all around. Many individuals were shocked when Bill Cosby was accused of this crime, although he has yet to be found guilty of anything. The recent presidential campaign brought with it numerous charges of this type against one candidate and the husband of the other, yet no convictions for either, and various NFL superstars have been hit with this type of charge over recent years. This doesn’t even take into consideration the big lawsuit that was just finalized regarding the false gang rape charge at the University of Virginia reported by Rolling Stone magazine. This goes to show that anyone can be hit with this charge, regardless of whether or not they have actually committed a crime.

Sadly, the popularity of the game Pokemon Go can lead to problems for those playing the game, as they may find they are charged with a sex crime when they have done nothing wrong, and this is especially true of those who have already been convicted of this type of crime and must register with the state as a result. Any individual can be accused of a sex crime, and anyone who find they are in this situation needs a Raleigh sex crimes lawyer immediately.

Pokemon Go continues to be the rage these days, and more and more individuals are joining in on the fun. In addition to collecting Pokemons, people are exercising, and most people would consider this a good thing. Unfortunately, the game comes with a heightened level of scrutiny on where various “lures” in the game are placed, as numerous people are concerned about children playing the game unintentionally coming near a convicted sex offender’s home. As a result of this concern, New York prohibits sex offenders from playing this game and prevents in-game “lures” from being placed near the homes of individuals convicted of this crime.

New York isn’t the only state looking to put requirements of this type into place when it comes to the Pokemon Go game. Other states are expected to do the same in the future, in the event the game manufacturer does not take action. A seemingly fun game can get a person into trouble, particularly when the person is required by law to avoid those places where children may congregate.

The state opted to put these restrictions into place following a report by state Senators Diane Savino and Jeffrey Klein. This report found that 73 percent of the addresses of 100 sex offenders were located in close proximity to a Pokemon Go lure or gym in the city, often within a half-block. The state enacted these restrictions to protect the children who are participating in the game, as the state doesn’t want to provide dangerous predators with a new way to attract victims.

Convicted sex offenders, although they have done their time for the crime or crimes they committed, must still register with the state. In addition, they must be extremely careful where they go and follow all rules outlined by the offender registry. If they fail to do so, they may find they are charged with one or more new crimes. Should these restrictions be enacted in other states, this could lead to more issues for convicted offenders, thus a person can never be too careful.

Sex offenders must always be mindful of the hazards found in daily life. Although this game may seem completely harmless, along with numerous other activities, almost any action can lead to potential allegations of parole violations, new criminal charges or any number of things. In the event a registered sex offender is charged with a crime as a result of these restrictions,a Raleigh criminal attorney must be retained immediately. Although the criminal attorney cannot guarantee the outcome, he or she works to ensure the client’s rights are protected at all times and that he or she is fairly treated by the system.