COVID-19 in North Carolina

In this odd time of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, the government has exercised extraordinary power for the extraordinary circumstances. At first, orders to stay away from one another were voluntary. Now, though, in many places, they have the force of law. The police are empowered to arrest people who gather in large groups. And if your city has a stricter policy than the one imposed by Governor Cooper, the stricter rule applies. North Carolina policy around COVID-19 is important to be aware of.

The guests at a gathering in Hillsborough were asked to leave and they did. If they had not, the police would most certainly have arrested them. The host of that party was not able to anonymously disappear, though, since the party was at his house. Social distancing is exhausting and difficult for most of us, but flouting the law, in this case, is going to get the host arrested and charged with a crime.

The latest data in North Carolina show that the curve is flattening. The peak is now expected in early or mid-April rather than at the end of the month. For everyone’s sake, the best thing to do is follow the rules, no matter how difficult. If you or someone you know is accused of violating the state or locals rules, you have important legal rights that should be protected. Call us at Kurtz and Blum. We are open for business and available to help protect you surrounding North Carolina policy with COVID-19. Call 919-832-7700. You can talk with a lawyer today.