How Do We Handle Prescription Drug Cases?

How do we handle the prescription drug abuse cases? They’re a little different than other kinds of drug abuse cases because most of the people who are accused of prescription drug abuse started using the prescription drugs because they were properly prescribed by a doctor. These are people who have gone through a surgery or people who have been injured and who have a legitimate need for pain medication, but then their doctor didn’t properly monitor. They used too much, they used it for too long, they weren’t helped to wean off of the medication and they became addicted.

And sometimes folks in that position will lie or will steal a prescription pad or we’ll add a zero to the number of prescription medicine and doses they’re supposed to be allowed to get. And when they get caught, there’s usually a pretty clear record. So it’s not the kind of case that most of the time should go to trial. But people in that position maybe helped through something called The Deferral Program, where if we can get it, they can take classes, stay out of trouble, get monitored for a while, and if they can make it through, check all the boxes, the case can be dismissed.

It’s not right for everybody, but it might be right for you. Give us a call at 919-832-7700. We’ll talk about the specific facts of your case. I’m Seth Blum, and I’ll be glad to help. At Kurtz & Blum, we’re in your corner.