A Move-Related Thank You

Over the past 21 years as an attorney I have dealt with a multitude of professionals. Sadly, the blunt truth is that I have determined that most professionals and service providers fall far short of my expectations. I recognize that this is an extension of my holding myself and my firm to an exacting set of standards. Nevertheless, as a result few providers make the grade. When I find services to be lacking, I am hardly shy about making my displeasure known. In those instances when someone provides me with services that exceed my expectations, I feel it to be my karmic responsibility to make that known as well.

Over a year ago when Kurtz & Blum, PLLC was considering a move due to deteriorating office conditions and poor management at our old building, we turned to Braxton Anthony with Avison Young for help. For months Braxton sought out every possible space that we might wish to rent or purchase. Smart and market-savvy, Braxton advised us every step of the way until we had found the best possible fit for our firm. As per our office norm, we were quite selective and as a team we visited countless properties. Braxton happily took us through location after location, all the while providing us with invaluable insight as to the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Once we settled on a property, Braxton worked with us to design our own space and ensure that all of our needs were met. He helped us to negotiate and understand what concessions could be expected and what was unrealistic. Throughout the process, Braxton proved himself to be more than simply competent; he proved himself to be a true professional who provided us with superlative service.

Clients frequently ask us as lawyers whether they could handle their own cases, without benefit of counsel. The answer is almost always that you could, but it would likely be a bad idea. I can tell you that I asked the same question when we considered whether to hire an agent to assist us in relocating. In hindsight, I can say with confidence that it is only with Braxton’s help that our move was successful and as painless as possible.

Though I recognize that our blog is generally limited to the latest in legal news or commentary on recent decisions, I felt it appropriate to take a moment to tip my hat to Braxton Anthony. We’re now comfortably settled in our new office and, as I look out toward the sunset, I am glad to be able to give him my strongest recommendation and my thanks. Cheers.