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Why You Should Hire an Honest Defense Attorney Who Will Give You Bad News

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer Who is Honest About Bad News

Since I started practicing as a criminal defense attorney in 1993, I have often found myself in the unenviable position of having to tell somebody something they really didn’t want to hear.

It is my job as a Raleigh criminal defense attorney to make sure that my clients understand exactly where they stand. The worst disservice that I can possibly do to a client would be to sugarcoat the facts to make them believe that they were in better shape than they actually were.

Whatever the truth – good, bad or ugly, my clients need to have most accurate information possible so that when they make a decision it is an intelligent and informed decision. That’s why we’re called counselors at law. We give the best counsel that we can so that our clients can make well thought out rational decisions.

You Need to Know the Truth About Your Situation

The problem is that no one likes to hear bad news. People especially don’t want to hear that they might lose their freedom. As a result, there are times when clients ask us why they shouldn’t simply hire the attorney that promises them the best result.

To start with, no Raleigh criminal lawyer can promise a result. What is important here is that a prospective client who is interviewing possible attorneys makes an informed, intelligent, well thought out and rational decision as to whom might be the best law firm or attorney to represent them in their particular case. They should base that decision on the lawyer’s apparent knowledge, skill, experience and willingness to listen; not on whether they are able to paint the rosiest picture.

It’s just like choosing a doctor. You don’t want to go to the doctor that always says you’ll be fine take to with ease and calm in the morning. You want a doctor who carefully evaluates your symptoms and gives you their honest opinion as to your proper diagnosis.

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