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What Should You Do If You Find Out That You Are Being Investigated By the Police?

What To Do If You Are Targeted by Law Enforcement For Investigation

The question is what you should do if you find out that the police are investigating you. Almost everyone believes that if they could just explain themselves to the police that they could avoid being charged with a crime. I can’t imagine there is any other misconception that has led to more people being charged with crimes. The odds are extremely high that if the police are asking you about your actions in relation to a criminal investigation that you are in fact the target of that investigation. Once you are a target of an investigation it is likely that anything you say will be twisted in a way that makes you look guilty. Despite understanding this to be true, even lawyers fall into the trap of attempting to explain their actions to the police before seeking counsel.

If you still don’t believe this, that law enforcement can color otherwise innocent statements you make in a way to make you seem guilty, rent My Cousin Vinny. In response to the sheriff’s questions about when Ralph Maccio’s character supposedly shot the clerk, he parrots back, “I shot the clerk? I shot the clerk?” But when the Sheriff testifies he simply states that the defendant told him, “I shot the clerk. I shot the clerk.”

The moment you find out that you are the target or the subject of a police investigation, you need to call myself, Howard Kurtz, or my partner, Seth Blum, immediately. Our telephone number is 919-832-7700. If the number isn’t in your phone already, put it on speed dial now. Tell the police that you wish to speak with your attorneys at Kurtz & Blum, PLLC. Do not simply believe what the law enforcement officers tell you. They are allowed to lie to prod you into saying things that you ought not say. Instead, tell them you do not wish to speak with them without your attorneys present.

It’s possible after we discussed the case that we might wish to arrange a time when we can sit down and discuss the matter with law enforcement. But that is a decision for us to make together, after and only after a thorough discussion of the facts in your case. Call us before you say anything at all. We can help.

For further information, please see our page on if you should talk to the police.

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