Criminal Defense Lawyers Discuss Defending Against Allegations of Child Abuse

The Savvy Lawyers of Kurtz & Blum in Raleigh, NC, Talk About The Complexity and Stigma Involved in Defending Child Abuse Cases

Charges of Child Abuse or Assault on a Child evoke a visceral response.  We all understand how precious our children are and how important it is to protect them from harm.  But when bad things happen to children, too often people jump to conclusions and rush to judgment, casting blame for things that might not have been intentional or might have been caused in another way.  Both felony and misdemeanor child abuse charges can also be used as weapons in custody battles or as retaliation for hurt feelings.  It takes an attorney with a great deal of experience handling these types of cases to know what to look for in developing a defense strategy.  Howard Kurtz and Seth Blum have assisted clients charged with or being investigated in child abuse cases for almost 40 years combined.

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Here is the transcript for the child abuse video:

Seth A Blum, Partner

Most people are horrified when they simply hear that someone has been accused of child abuse.  As human beings we all understand how important it is to protect our children from harm.  But in our zeal to protect children emotions sometime cloud our judgment when it comes to the presumption of innocence.

Some child abuse cases now involve conduct as minor as leaving a child unattended for mere moments.  Other cases arise when a child suffers a serious injury and no obvious explanation for the cause of that injury can easily be found.  Even though the law requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt before someone can be convicted of a crime, in child abuse cases, absence of proof of accident can be seen to equal actual proof of guilt.  These cases in particular require a sophisticated understanding of the biomechanical causes of injury and require skilled and attorneys who have experience working with medical experts.

Howard A. Kurtz, Partner

My partner and I have almost 40 years of combined criminal trial experience.  I personally have handled child abuse cases since 1992.  We have worked both with and against medical experts and we have helped many clients who had charges just like yours.

If you are suspected of, or have been charged with any kind of child abuse, you should not discuss it with anyone but your lawyer.  This includes child protective services, law enforcement and even your spouse.  Call us immediately.  There is no fee for the initial consultation. At Kurtz & Blum, We’re in Your Corner.

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