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Raleigh Drug Lawyer Notes that a New Deadly Drug is Linked to Rise in Overdoses Earlier this year, the global battle against illegal substances took yet another unexpected turn. An alarming and unprecedented surge in overdoses resulted in a full-scale investigation ultimately leading agents to a synthetic opioid developed roughly 40 years ago as a tranquilizer for large animals.
Durham Drug Lawyer Notes Why Charges Were Dismissed in Controversial Drug Bust Gone Bad Khadir Cherry was arrested by Durham police on April 4, 2016, and charged with selling marijuana. Although the police did not have a warrant, they suspected that the dwelling could be the scene of other criminal activity. Since then, all of the charges have been dismissed.
Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Notes that New York is Tightening Restrictions on Sex Offenders Sexual crimes appear to be all around. Sadly, the popularity of the game Pokemon Go can lead to problems for those playing the game, as they may find they are charged with a sex crime when they have done nothing wrong, and this is especially true of those who have already been convicted of this type of crime and must register with the state as a result.
Raleigh Sex Crimes Lawyer Talks about Porn-Sniffing Dogs Everybody knows how talented the canines that accompany us on our life journeys can be. Now, according to one Raleigh sex crimes lawyer dogs are being trained to sniff out electronic devices that potentially have pornographic images illegally stored on them.
Raleigh DWI Lawyer Ponders New Challenges for States That Have Legalized Marijuana Use Marijuana has certainly been making its fair share of headlines over the last few years with just over half the nation joining Colorado and Washington in legalizing use of the drug in some capacity. As the number of states jumping on board grows, those lines once drawn between acceptable levels and outright impairment are becoming decidedly more blurred.
Conviction holding you back? When it is possible to expunge a prior conviction Criminal convictions can pose a great many problems. Even relatively minor convictions can be a huge headache. If you are eligible, an expunction can clean your record and give you a fresh start
Raleigh Criminal Attorney Wonders if California has Gone to the Nut (Thieves) A recent surge in theft of tree nuts has left California police scratching their heads. There are a few reasons why nuts have become a popular target for thieves. Since this problem has been on the rise, law enforcement officials have been trying to find a way to prevent the nut thefts and catch the alleged thieves when shipments have been stolen.
NC Supreme Court Clarifies Expert Opinion Testimony Standards NC has changed the way it admits expert testimony in court. Expert opinions are now to be admitted only by a witnesses qualified as an expert. It is our hope that this will cut down on the junk science currently admitted in our courts.
Rape Shield Laws prevented jurors from hearing evidence about the victim’s past State laws give out tough punishments to the offenders while offering protection to victims, yet at times the technicalities of these laws often translate to seemingly unjust punishments to those who have committed a crime. Last June, a jury convicted Demetrius Richardson, a 26-year-old man from Elyria, Ohio of rape for having sex with a 12-year-old girl.
Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor addresses erosion of 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure in recent dissents Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s strong dissent on the Utah v. Strieff case makes it all the more important for a criminal lawyer to defend your constitutional rights.