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Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Questions the Legitimacy of Warrantless Search Under the 4th amendment protections of the US Constitution, police cannot enter a home without a warrant except in exigent circumstances. Very recently, North Carolina police allegedly stormed a Durham home on suspicion of marijuana, entering the premises without a search warrant and terrorizing the people inside. Some of the incident was caught on video.
Defense Attorney welcomes some return to normalcy for those convicted of sex crimes Last March 2015, Graham County Sheriff Danny Millsaps announced that he was banning sex offenders from church. More recently in November 2015, The N.C. Supreme Court upheld a state law that prohibits registered sex offenders from using Facebook or other social networking sites where minors can have an account. These are just the latest developments in a long list of North Carolina events related to sex offenses that border on the absurd and possibly unconstitutional.
Criminal Lawyer says Florida detectives made fools of suspects in “Operation April Fools” Every now and then, sensational news coverage crops up about young children who get sexually assaulted or molested by predatory adults. Sexual assault of a minor is a very serious crime, so it’s no wonder that members of a community become quite concerned when they learn about who in their midst might be participating in such disturbing behavior.
Raleigh Sex Crimes Attorney Talks about Sexting, child pornography and the criminalization of our children Hearing the term ‘sex offender’ is enough to conjure images of monsters who prey on the weak, all for the satisfaction of their abnormal sexual desires. Knowing that a person is a sex offender is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. And yet, here comes Cormega Copening, a 17-year-old North Carolinian who was charged in September 2015 of sexual exploitation of a minor. Who’s that minor, you may ask? It’s no other than Cormega Copening himself.
Raleigh DWI Lawyer Discusses Dishonest Deputy's Dismissal Over 100 DWIs were dismissed in Wake County because a Deputy lied repeatedly on the witness stand. A Raleigh DWI Lawyer explores whether action taken against the deputy goes far enough.
Raleigh Drug Lawyer Explores Cocaine Traffickers Claim: “We Conspired With Cops” Cocaine traffickers have accused drug task force police of helping them steal cocaine from other drug dealers. Most of the drugs were then resold with a small quantity being deposited into evidence. Perspective from a NC Drug Trafficking Lawyer.
Raleigh Child Sex Offense Defense Attorney addresses overturned wrongful conviction NC man exonerated of child sex offense 23 years after he was convicted. Child sex crime lawyer addresses the evidence that was withheld and the child recanting her story. Why if you are charged with a sex crime you should have an attorney who is experienced with representing people on accusations of sexual assaults.
Drug Abuse among Medical Professionals on the Rise, Notes Raleigh Criminal Lawyer When someone mentions drug abusers, medical professionals are some of the last people you might think of. But you might be surprised that many doctors are addicted to prescription drugs. As a criminal lawyer I can tell you that it’s more widespread than you would think and many have been apprehended for their actions.
Apple vs. FBI: The War for Digital Privacy Post-San Bernadino The San Bernadino shooting late last year rocked the nation. Taking place mere days after a high profile attack by a gunman on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, the San Bernadino rampage hammered home that we live in a country where mass shootings are becoming increasingly common. Due to hints that the San Bernadino shooters may have had connections to terrorists in the Middle East, the FBI got involved. And then, they tried to involved Apple, Inc.
Federal Investigation Results in Multiple Convictions of Corrupt Law Enforcement Officials It is a reasonable expectation for the police to uphold the laws that they enforce, and while most officers do this and more, certain police departments can foster a culture of violence and misconduct. After a five-year FBI investigation, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is being forced to clean house and account for department practices.